Everyday Parent Project Project

Our vision is to provide parents with the learning resources they need to have the conversations that are necessary to raise engaged, empathetic children.

Why this kind of Project?

  • We understand that there are many topics parents are expected to hold with their children. We understand that parents don’t always feel equipped to have these discussions with their kids.
  • Parents are not universal experts in the topics that we see discussed in the news so often. What parents are experts of, is understanding the level of understanding their kids have on these issues so we just want to create a space where parents can come for these resources and adapt them to work with their kids and families.
  • We want to turn these conversations into learning resources for parents, so when you’re frantically searching for answers, we will be there with some.
  • We want these resources to be filled with material that can be discussed in a family.
  • We want to make parents feel comfortable to have these discussions. In our experience, the more prepared and informed we feel, the better the conversation, and the better the outcome.

Now – how will we get there?

  • We will talk to experts in the field—the people who have researched and the people who work daily in fields we need to be aware of as parents. We want to share these conversations with you, and turn these opportunities into learning resources for parents like us. We are not the experts in these areas. We want to continue to build on these resources, update them when needed and to offer them, free of cost to anyone who would like to learn along with us.
  • We want to offer challenges to families as part of each topic. We know that between fighting kids to put on shoes to that one last hug before bed, the days are pretty full, so we’re hoping to help out with some family challenges to address things that we all want to discuss with our children, but don’t always find the perfect moment.
  • We want to pay the folks who are helping us with these challenging conversations and topics. We recognize that so much of this labour is done for free – so we are striving to set up a model where we can source out financial support to compensate those who are doing the emotional labour. Have a lead on an organization or company that might want to work with us? Please drop us a line.

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